Thursday 17th March 2011 (Kept quiet until 10th August 2011 for various reasons)

From Phil to Fans, Friends, Punter, Telly & Gaz.

It is with a seriously heavy heart that I'm announcing my departure from Lethargy. This may come as a shock to you, it's a shock to me too and still doesn't feel real even though I informed Punter, Telly & Gaz of my decision nearly a week ago. It's a decision I've struggled with for over half a year so please believe me when I say it's not been an easy one to make.

I suppose I'd better start with my reason for leaving as when I read these sort of "statements" myself, it's always the first thing I'm asking in my mind.
Well, I have to set the record straight before any rumours start and say that it's nothing to do with the musical direction we've taken in the last few years, you'll hear that on the new album and it's something I'm extremely proud of. Also, I'm glad to say there's been no falling out between myself and the boys either, I still consider them my best friends and will always love them dearly.

Unfortunately when you're in a band and you start getting to a certain level in your career, it becomes a lot more than just making great music with great people. I'm not going to go into exact details on why I'm leaving as it's personal to me and the band but I will say it's got to do with a lot of the other elements that make up being a band and for me, it's become unbearable and if I stayed, I'd probably make it that way for everyone else. Like I said before, we're all still friends, there were no bust ups on tour and nobody's slept with anyone they shouldn't have!

I never thought I'd leave Lethargy, it's the band I started when I was 15 and still at school with Danny, who left the the band in 2005. For a long time I thought that would be the only member change Lethargy would ever see. I'm glad it happened though as I know Danny's getting on with a whole new life with an excellent partner and great friends, plus I made a new friend in Gaz. If the member change never happened all those years ago, I may still just know Gaz as Punter's brother to this day. Whoever fills my shoes in Lethargy, I hope they realise how lucky they are and I hope the rest of the boys get to make a new best friend like I did.

I've also made some great friends along the way playing with other bands, working with people within the industry and meeting new fans, it would take me forever to name everyone, including our family members and I'm sure you all know who you are - so thank you. Lethargy would never have gotten this far without each and every one of you and I hope you continue to support it's next installment.

I've already said it privately to the band but would like to publicly say I'm gonna miss playing with the boys, they are the best musicians, songwriters and singers that I know which definitely makes leaving that little bit tougher. There's never gonna be another Andrew Hunt, who can fit stunning melodies over chords that I could never have come up with, who can then stick in the most unconventional key change and make it flow like a river. I've had the privilege of watching Marc T. Jones' voice develop from almost shy to totally unstoppable and it's been a joy to sing along side him during that and Lethargy is not Lethargy without some the most unique and complimenting bass lines I've heard. And last but not least, Gaz is the best drummer in the country, you couldn't even try to convince me of otherwise and I've seen a lot of drummers, no offence to any drummers I know but it's true. As I've already said to you personally boys, I'm thankful that we've done so much together and I'm proud to say that I was a part of it - you truely are brothers. I hope I play with all of you again in the future under different circumstances. It's been an amazing 11 years that will stay with me forever.

Before I go, I'd like to make it clear that I'm not quitting music, if I did that, I'd have nothing to do for the rest of my life. You'll see me again as soon as it feels right with whatever I do next. I'll be focusing on what was my side-project, Kilvey and take it from there. I have no idea what the future holds, it feels slightly scary but exciting and all I'm gonna do from this point is look forward.

I'll see you all again soon.

Phil x

Please read below for the official band statement:

We would like to publicly give our sincere thanks to Phil for all his time, endeavours, and most importantly, brotherhood and friendship over the years. It was a privilege and we have some of the best memories of our lives upto this point with you. Its been one ride.

Our new album, titled "After All This Has Gone" is finished and is due for release very soon. We will keep all you good people updated with the exact release date asap. Thanks for sticking with us and we will see you all very soon.

Love Andrew, Marc and Gareth xxx